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Society Kit Season 2019 – 2010

Society Kit season 2019 - 2020 The Society Executive has agreed the following :- Existing active, ‘paid-up’ and graded Referees will be entitled to: The current season's shirt (should have been collected from pre-season meetings at Sedgley Park & Preston Grasshoppers), and A digital voucher to be used ... More

PO#8 – Refereeing the Lineout

Preferred Options paper on refereeing the lineout. More

2019-20 Handbook – Amendments

Amendments to the 2019-20 handbook are listed here. Individuals’ new or amended contact details can be found in Who’s the Ref (WTR), which is assumed to hold the most up-to-date information. Members and club contacts are asked to keep their contact details up-to-date on WTR and inform the Secretary at madrefsec... More

Refereeing Descriptors – Self-evaluation

This is a tool to help referees self-evaluate their performance against a comprehensive set of descriptors for effective and competent refereeing. More

PO#6 – Starts, Restarts and Offside in Open Play

Preferred Options paper on Starts, Restarts and Offside in Open Play. More

PO#5 – Refereeing the Scrum

Preferred Options paper on refereeing the scrum. More

PO#4 – Positioning

Preferred Options paper on techiques for helping referees take up the best positions to make timely and accurate decisions. More

PO#3 – Preparation and the Briefing

Preferred Options paper on preparing for a match and the briefing of players. More

PO#2 – Maintenance and Management of Technical Areas

Fred Howard wrote this Preferred Options paper. It provides very useful guidance for referees to help them reduce the risk of problems associated with technical areas. More

PO#1 – Authority and Gaining Respect

Preferred Options paper on gaining the respect of players. More