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Referee Development Form 1 – Example

Updated December 2018 This is a general ‘worked-up’ example of what a completed Form 1 report might look like. More

EGM Dec 04 2018 – Proposed changes to the Rules of the Society

Proposal: That the Rules of the Society be amended in the form set out in the paper entitled “Proposed Revised Rules of the Manchester & District Rugby Union Referees’ Society – EGM 4thDecember 2018” Proposed:       Roger Bowden, Chairman Supported:     Clive Ennis, Vice-President Allan ... More

EGM Dec 04 2018 – Proposed Revised Rules

The Society’s Rules need to comply with certain requirements of the RFU if the Society is, in accordance with its decision at the Extraordinary General Meeting in 2017, to become a member of the RFU. More

Assistant Referee Mental Checklist

This is a copy of the Assistant Referee's mental checklist provided by Peter Huckle of PGMOT More

Man Off and Logic Tree Changes

From August 2018 changes have been made to the Man Off Logic Tree.  Please read and keep a copy with you. More

M&DRURS Data Privacy Policy

With the introduction of Who’s the Ref (WTR) the Society has revised its policy for collecting, processing and storing members’ and club contacts’ personal data. The policy covers what personal data is included, the basis for using such data, with whom it is shared, and why, and the rights members and club ... More

Age Grade Yellow Cards – Suspension Time Changes

See extract from pages 258 & 259 of Season 2018-2019 RFU Handbook SIN BIN TIME FOR AGE GRADE RUGBY Effective from 1 August 2018 RFU REGULATION 15 – AGE GRADE RUGBY (APPENDIX 9) U15-U18 Variations to the World Rugby Laws of the Game - BOYS ONLY Players and Match Officials must ensure that the World ... More

2018-19 Handbook Amendments

List of amendments to the directories and other information published in the Society handbook for the 2018-19 season. Up-dated: 16 January 2019 More

RFU Communication Descriptor Matrix For RFU Form 2. Exchange Referees only

This provides a descriptor matrix for the MO Development Review RFU Form 2 (for exchange referees only). More

MO Development Form – RFU Form 2 For Exchange Referees Only

MO Development Form - RFU Form 2 For Exchange Referees Only.  This is the performance review form to be used only for assessing exchange referees. When completed please send it to the Madrefs Exchange Secretary. A descriptor matrix is available for this form: RFU COMMUNICATION DESCRIPTOR MATRIX For Form 2 More