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2018-19 Handbook Amendments

List of amendments to the directories and other information published in the Society handbook for the 2018-19 season. More

RFU Community Game Update October 1st 2018

The latest from the RFU on the Community Game More

RFU Communication Descriptor Matrix For RFU Form 2. Exchange Referees only

This provides a descriptor matrix for the MO Development Review RFU Form 2 (for exchange referees only). More

MO Development Form – RFU Form 2 For Exchange Referees Only

MO Development Form - RFU Form 2 For Exchange Referees Only.  This is the performance review form to be used only for assessing exchange referees. When completed please send it to the Madrefs Exchange Secretary. A descriptor matrix is available for this form: RFU COMMUNICATION DESCRIPTOR MATRIX For Form 2 More

Halbro NW Leagues Rules – Update to “Man-off rule”

The man-off rule now applies to the Pemier League only in the Halbro North West leagues.  Full details can be seen on the Halbro North West Leagues website: https://www.nowirul.org.uk/nowirul.nsf/URL/DHUB-B2DG4J/   More

Society Pre-Season 2018-2019 Presentation 1: June Focus Area World Rugby – powerpoint presentation

The World Rugby presentation given at the two pre-season Society Meetings. More

RFU Competition Regulations 2018-2019

Please ensure you are familiar with all regulations for varying competitions, and also have them printed for your kit bags where you think it may be necessary The competition regulations are now uploaded onto the RFU website and are available here: https://www.englandrugby.com/governance/regulations/   More

Match Official Abuse Form Levels 5 and Below 2018 – 2019

Replacement form:  Match Official Abuse form Levels 5 and below for the season 2018 - 2019 More

RFU Update August 2018

Restructuring at the RFU: Since the end of last season we have been faced with the difficult task of restructuring and reducing the size of the RFU organisation. This has led to some changes to our structure right across the whole organisation, with  redundancies both at Twickenham and in our field based teams. More

Appointments and WTR – Briefing for Referees and Clubs

A two-page briefing for referees and club contacts giving an overview of how the appointments process works in Who's the Ref (WTR). Useful aide-memoires are also provided.   More